We are a performance based agency. What does that mean exactly? It means we are looking at your data daily to ensure every bit of ad spend is working as hard as it can. We look at the numbers so you can focus on running your business.



We are all about creative marketing – we focus on how you can bring an idea to life in a way that makes your audience feel like you understand them. That is the essence of creativity and something we strive for in our website experiences and digital advertising.


Connection is the difference between good and great marketing. Creating an authentic connection is also what drives results. When your target audience feels like you are talking directly to them that is where the magic happens. So we get to know them and refine our strategy to help connect your product with your customer.


Conversion is the last piece of the puzzle and stems from good creative in conjunction with good marketing strategy (connection). We are a performance based marketing agency so conversion is always the goal.



Chris brings with him 10 years’ experience in paid digital, branding, social media and e-commerce. Having worked for brands both globally and domestically, he has had a hand in everything from start ups to mature businesses looking to optimise and maximise their results. His involvement with brands like Z-Flex, Penny Skateboards, Uppercut Deluxe, SQD Athletica and Finns Beach Club means he brings a wealth of knowledge in the digital and e-commerce space across multiple industries.


Dexter Johnson

Dexter is a talented creative with a passion for branding and UI/UX design. With 8 years of design experience across a range of industries, he is always pushing the boundaries of design and animation with each project. His attention to detail and eye for balance ensures that your next website design is in good hands.

Graphic & Web Designer


Inge is an accomplished creative director with over 9 years of experience in the fashion and e-commerce industry. Her work speaks for itself with high quality imagery, clean and bespoke designs and branding that inspires and engages. Her designs are refined and sophisticated with an identity that truly reflects the unique character and ethos of your company.

Head Web Developer


Teguh has been an aficionado of the web and app. development space since Altavista was a thing. He has built a wide range of websites across a variety of industries, including The Komodo National Park, Elsner Immobilien, 1-2travel, Seatrek Adventures, The Beat Bali online Magazine and even fully customised online booking and payment systems for Finns Beach Club among others. With his extensive development, design and solutions based background, no project is out of the question.


Tatjana Cook

Meet Tatjana, an experienced and dynamic Google Ad strategist with over 12 years of expertise in SEO, Web Development, and Google Ads. With a passion for Digital Marketing, she helps businesses excel by optimising Search Engine Rankings, designing engaging websites, and running effective advertising campaigns. Tatjana’s innovative strategies and excellent communication skills make her a valuable partner in navigating the ever-changing digital landscape, ensuring clients achieve online success with confidence.