Founded by Jennifer Hawkins, Jake Wall and Tim Freeburn, the name Sesión translates to “celebrate together”, supporting the brand’s promise of inclusivity and fostering occasions to enjoy life with the ones you love.

We were approached by the Sesión team to plan and execute their very first brand campaign. Having always focused on cocktails and product based videos and imagery, this was their first venture into exploring the ethos of the brand and the meaning behind “Sesión” which essentially means celebrating being together. Given a more targeted focus on the female market we brought together some of our favourite cast members and got to work at Arcos villa in Brisbane to bring to life a series of images and videos specifically designed to convey the brand’s tone and to elevate the brand. The results were a well-rounded campaign that included edited ads for their multi-channel advertising campaign, still to be used for their new website and social media assets for a period of 2-3 months.